Violeta González Martínez

Communication design

A bit about me!

I was born in the enchanting South of Spain, amidst a family full of artists. From a very young age, I nurtured a deep passion for art and the fascinating world of audiovisual creation. With utmost fervor, I aspired to remain in an intimate connection with my passion. My childhood was spent amidst pencil strokes and brushstrokes, and I participated in extracurricular art classes that continually fueled my creativity.

At the age of 8, I received my first camera – a milestone that profoundly altered my life. Since then, I have captured all sorts of everyday situations through my lens,

And later, I had the privilege of contributing to various music festivals as part of the photo and video teams, thus crafting my very own visual narrative.

After acquiring knowledge as a Media Designer and deepening my photographic experience in Germany over several years, the time had come to chart a new course. Therefore, I decided to seize the opportunity for continuous education in the field of communication design , a choice that was destined to steer my professional path toward that captivating domain which has always held an irresistible fascination for me.